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Hi, Chase here. I've created this community for myself as a sales journal. It's closed for posts, so no one else can sell things in here (sorry.) I'd like to sell some of the things that I don't need anymore or just don't want. I'll be selling a variety of things, like books, manga, anime, cds, and other stuff, along with some piks I decide to sell and little nick-nacks. I might also take commissions if I feel up to it, though they may take a little while, depending on if you want colors, you want it inked, etc.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, OR DAMAGED, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. I WILL NOT give refunds, as all sales are FINAL!(Well, unless I damage or lose something...)

We can also trade with one another. If you would like to, that is. I'm not gunna push the issue, but I'll leave up a wish list, both for trades and a list of what I should get for myself for whatever reason I wanna spend my money on XD;

Even though it might take a while getting set up, I really would like to receive money through Pay Pal. I under stand that not everyone can use Pay Pal. If you are sending out cash or a check, I will only send the item after I receive the money. That also goes for Pay Pal transactions.

I'd prefer you tell me what item you want in a post and then email me about pricing issues, personal info, shipping address, among other things.

Use the header CHASE'S BUYNSELL (send to xxchasechan2050xx@yahoo.com please!)
Shipping address
Item/s you are purchasing
Price I put for item/s
Haggling price (if there are any issues with my price/s)
Payment: Cash, check, Pay Pal, etc.
Anything else?:

I'll hold items for UP TO 2 weeks, with varying circumstances. I can't guarantee that after the 1 1/2 - 2 week holding period that I'll be able to keep the item/s in stock. Once the time period is up and you still want me to hold the item, I'll decrease the amount of time I hold it, varying what item it is.I will not wait forever for you to pay for the item, so you will only get two chances to hold it. The catch is, you will have to wait ONE WEEK before telling me you want to hold it again. If I sell an item you want and you were waiting during the one week hold off, there is nothing I can do.

I'll prob'ly put the original price that it was bought for and put the price you have to pay for/negotiate. I don't mind haggling but I wont go under a certain price for certain things.

If there is anything that I missed, you can tell me in a comment in the first post

If you wish to become an affiliate, go here and comment: Become part of the Virtue family :3

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Virtue; a sales journal

Virtue; a sales journal

Virtue; a sales journal

Virtue; a sales journal

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